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The New Fairmont Hairpin Legs

Posted on April 14 2015


I am really excited about this recently completed Patchwork Walnut Credenza featuring for our new Fairmont hairpin leg design.​ Named after the famed hairpin turn at Monaco by the Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo.
Like the slowest turn in Fomula 1 racing, these legs punctuate the careful craftsmanship we perform every day all while trying to be the fastest in our field.
Local father and son fabricators Ken and Kevin Hatch perfected this difficult fold that's been filling my brain and sketch pads for the last several months. I'm really excited to finally have them in production!
We have so many ideas swirling around these and I would love to incorporate them into a custom furniture project with you! We can do a variety of shapes, materials, and finishes including: sand blasted brass or steel, copper or nickel plating, and blackened steel as seen here.
We also have a plant stand, and a new dining table for the Fairmont Collection. Let me know if you would like details, and please let me know what you think!
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