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What Others Are Saying

Recent Feedback from the Architectural Digest Home Design Show:

"I honestly have to say you were one of my top 3 favorites in the Made area.  Very attractive and very appealing." - S.C., Dwell

"It was great meeting you at the Architectural Digest show. I was really impressed by your beautiful pieces of furniture." - Faith H.

"I wanted to let you know that we featured a piece from your collection in our latest article. We attended the ADHD Show and loved your work." - Kylie, Total Household 

"My wife and I loved the aesthetic of your Walnut Patchwork dresser." - Glenn

Some of the most frequent responses:


Almost Unanimous response to price: "Very Resonable", "Reasonable!", "Oh, it's reasonable!"

"Good lead times, reasonable prices, customizable...You're saying all the right things!"


The good:

"Everything arrived. I love the craftsmanship and the care that went into this - what separates art from commodity - thank you so much f or everything.

Also, got the surprise package - beautifully done too. Couldn't be happier.


The painting above your console table is an original Picasso that was a gift from my grandmother, fyi, as its reflective how much I love your work."

- Bo, NYC



"The coffee table is AMAZING! Looks so great! We are very happy! Love it! I appreciate all your hard work!"  - Whitney Port, L.A.


"I haven't got the room totally set up yet but it looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! No issues putting it together...the dining table is just like the coffee table: even more amazing in person!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!! The guy who helped me put it together went on & on about it. I am obsessed. THANK YOU!!!!!!! - Sloane M. NYC

"Thank you! I keep going in there to look at it. It's sooooo awesome!!" - Bree, Amarillo

 "Top notch product. Many thanks." - Sam, Oak Creek, WI

"I absolutely love the end table. It arrived perfectly and on time and you were great and easy to work with. Everyone who's seen it has loved it and I've shared your page with several friends. Thanks for all your work! - Jeff, NYC

"We got the night stands, and they look awesome!" - Jared, San Jose, CA

"I will be sure to keep you in mind for future projects. The table is truly a work of art!"  - Keira St. Claire Interiors, Rockville, MD



The bad:

"Your level of talent and skill is just gross. Like freaking Jedi, gross. - Bob, Amarillo

"Sick. Sick. Sick!!!" - Teel, Amarillo

"Dude!!! This is insane! - Teel, Amarillo

"Sick. Sick. Sick!!!"  - Paul, Amarillo

"Shut up!" - Paul, Amarillo

"That's just stupid" - Paul, Amarillo

"So bad" - Paul, Amarillo

"Gross" - Josh, Amarillo

"That's bonkers." - Josh, Amarillo

"That's ridiculous" - Sloane, Jackson Hole

"Ooooooh.....what are they?" - Shea, Flagstaff