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  • Oxidized Walnut Sample - kith&kin makers
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  • Oxidized Walnut Sample - kith&kin makers
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  • Oxidized Walnut Sample - kith&kin makers
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Oxidized Walnut Sample

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Product Details

Oxidized Walnut exhibits a beautiful bronze-black color with a lighter sapwood.

One side of the sample is finished with our traditional pre-catylized lacquer which has a beautiful luxurious sheen and sleek smooth surface. It withstands moisture and daily wear well, but scratches and dings may require professional repair. 

The reverse side is treated with a durable hard wax oil finish and has a wonderful satin matte finish that is in the wood - not on it. Withstands moisture and is easily repaired and maintained. This has quickly become our favorite finish.  

You be the judge.

6"x6" Shipping included.

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