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  • AirPlay Bluetooth Speaker - Walnut - kith&kin makers
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  • AirPlay Bluetooth Speaker - Walnut - kith&kin makers
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  • AirPlay Bluetooth Speaker - Walnut - kith&kin makers
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AirPlay Bluetooth Speaker - Walnut

$ 1,105.00

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Product Details

Walnut Speaker 
Powered Bluetooth or AirPlay / wi-fi speaker in Black Walnut.

Use solo or to power a second speaker. Optical & analog inputs and subwoofer output.
Very versatile. With the tweeter mounted at the base of the woofer cone, it provides a point source presentation. broad soundstage, and the imaging is excellent. In addition, the speaker can be laid on its side without any lobing issues and it makes a wonderful center channel. Also available as an un-powered pair for use with your own amp.
8 ohm impedance
87dB sensitivity
Frequency response: 46Hz (@-3dB) to 20kHz rear port 8" x 16" x 11"d

Remote Control included w/ powered unit.

Customization and other materials available upon request.

Available Each in Powered or Un-powered 

Powered or Un-powered Pair

Powered or Un-powered Floor Standing Pair (not shown)

8" W x 8" D x 38" T




note: this built in amp creates it's own wi-fi network to cconnect to via WiFi / AirPlay. Due to restrictions this device cannot connect to another WiFi network. Most devices will not be able to connect to this device and another WiFi network. Other connection options are available. Please contact us for further information. 

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